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As a Creative Marketing Professional, my goal is to help my employer maintain profitability, and continuously grow market share. Possessing strategic, tactical marketing expertise with a passion for creative development and design, I seek to find and explore opportunities for innovative concept development. The Big Ideas, molded by the most fascinating circumstances and interesting people are at the core of my passion.
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Half-Day Workshops – Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Qatar

We invite you to attend a one of a kind, half-day workshop event that is coming to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar on May 16th – May 18th 2017. Join our industry experts from Viziya, Ma’aden Aluminum and Vesta to talk about IIoT and Digitization in the Enterprise Asset Management Industry...

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Employee Spotlight: Bill Busath

Meet Bill Busath, a Senior Consultant from Monument, CO, who joined the Vesta North America team after completing a two-year CRM Implementation project with our sister company, /N SPRO. Prior to that Bill was self-employed as an SAP Technical Consultant. It didn’t take long for our management team to learn about Bill’s admirable community involvement, and that is why we dedicated our first Vesta Employee Spotlight post to Mr. Busath...

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4 Reasons to check out our booth @ 2017 International SAP Conference for Utilities

Vesta is proud to continue our support as a premium sponsor of the 2017 International SAP Conference for Utilities, taking place on march 28-30 in Lisbon, Portugal. It’s a fantastic event where you can hear firsthand how SAP customers are staying ahead of the curve with a variety of sessions from strategic keynotes, to solution roadmaps, global customer case studies, and deep dive workshops. With over 17 hours of interactive content and over 12 hours of undiluted networking time, the International SAP Conference for Utilities represents a truly unique and world-class learning opportunity for all who attend.

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EAM: ASUG EAM Community Virtual Round Table – Focus on Planning & Scheduling

If you're interested in the topic of Planning & Scheduling in your organization, then you need to attend our ASUG EAM Community “ Virtual Round Table“ session. The focus of this virtual session is to engage ASUG members to help them be more effective at Planning and Scheduling.During this session you will be connected with others in our ASUG EAM Community that are interested in this important topic.

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All you need to know about Asset Performance Management, and APM readiness.

SAP EAM provides an excellent tool to allow the planning and scheduling of preventative maintenance, the management of reactive and refurbishment work, and the capture of the history of work carried out on the asset. Work history includes key reliability data such as breakdown information, asset availability and failure codes and cause of the damage. It also contains key asset condition and performance information such as measuring documents which can be used to show deterioration and condition of the asset. Work history also contains key financial information such as the cost of repairing the asset. This is all key data which can be used to tell asset managers exactly how assets are performing and what they are costing to maintain. The question must be asked “is this data being used to its full potential?”...

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Join Vesta for our first appearance at the 4th Middle East Maintenance & Reliability Conference (MaintCon 2016)

Join Vesta Partners for the 4th Middle East Maintenance & Reliability Conference (MaintCon 2016), taking place at the Gulf Hotel, Kingdom of Bahrain on December 12-15, 2016. This one of a kind event offers industry practitioners and professionals a significant platform to meet and discuss the latest maintenance trends and technologies...

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Vesta Launches Hydrogen, a Simple & Flexible EAM Mobility Solution

Vesta Partners, a global SAP EAM consulting firm, announces the releases of a new EAM Mobility Solution, called Vesta Hydrogen. The solution has been developed by Vesta, to unlock the full potential of any SAP EAM system by empowering the asset management end-users to work seamlessly in the field (online/offline) or in the office using the same adoptive interface.

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A Business Case for SAP GIS Integration

"For the longest time GIS and SAP EAM were continents all onto themselves. Each contained many little countries but nobody from one continent would talk to anybody from the other, except for the occasional letter from an aunt. This is analogous to the way enterprise applications work in many organizations. While they are often viewed in a similar way...

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