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We were Warned – Proposed Solutions…

“Earlier this year, Fluor opened a skilled craft training center in the Gulf Coast, stating that while the firm could not train its way out of the shortage, it hopes to alleviate the problem”. Increased training is a partial answer. However, in most skilled trades disciplines, it takes a minimum of four years to achieve a journeyman status. In some technical skills, the apprenticeship can take up to 6 years. Hence the quote “the firm could not train its way out of the shortage”.

By | February 7th, 2017|

We Were Warned…

In a recent Reuters news article “U.S. refiners face severe labor shortage for deferred maintenance” it was stated that US refiners have deferred routine work for the last two years while margins were high. However, now with an excess of global fuels, the refiners see an opportunity to undertake their maintenance shutdowns. However, there are multiple billion dollar projects that are competing for the skilled labor workforce. If the refiners do not start the needed work, the article points out that they run the risk of more unscheduled outages and safety issues. So with this in mind, US refiners are planning to spend $1.26B on planned maintenance in 2017. The article points out that refiners are going to have trouble finding skilled workers which is going to “complicate scheduling and even extend outages”.

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Perception IS Reality – a Terry Wireman blog

Have we ever thought about career paths for reliability/ maintenance managers? How much does our executive management’s perception of us steer us toward a certain career path? How often are reliability/ maintenance managers perceived as technical wizards and their career path is to the top level of their department and it is at a “dead end”...

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Somewhere in Time – Part 2 – A Terry Wireman blog

To understand how these four reasons impact asset management, we first need to understand why the EAM system is important to asset management. (For the sake of this blog, we will focus on physical assets.) In the ISO-55000 document, section 2.4.1 mentions the need for analytical approaches across the life cycle of the asset. The life cycle of an asset begins with the conception of the need for the asset through to the disposal of the asset...

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Metrics & Reporting: Taming the KPI Beast.

It’s not surprising that a business needs to know how it is performing. What is surprising is that many businesses don’t do a very good job of identifying the right things to measure and putting in place the appropriate business processes to ensure what they do measure, is accurate and relevant. You may not even start with a clean slate. More often than not, most of your initial data is going to simply be what was available before...

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