Building a Risk-Based Maintenance Approach for SAP Customers

Risk-Based Maintenance is an important topic for SAP EAM customers—at the recent Mastering SAP EAM Conference in Gold Coast, Australia, our session on the topic drew a packed house of mostly organizations discussing how they are approaching Risk-Based Maintenance.

There are several important things to consider with Risk-Based Maintenance, particularly with operational areas such as people, costs, safety, and environment. There must also be considerations around the probability of asset failure and the consequence of that failure.

Of course, even when companies want to build a successful Risk-Based Maintenance program, there are barriers. Chief among them is data. Sometimes there isn’t enough data to provide an accurate picture of risk. Sometimes there is too much data, making it difficult to narrow in on what is important. And of course, sometimes there is data but not the means to properly analyze it in an actionable way.

Achieving Successful Risk-Based Maintenance

How can a company overcome a barrier such as data to reach effective Risk-Based Maintenance? It starts with the people—similar to when companies are undergoing digital transformation, says Peter Dunford, President of Vesta Partners Asia Pacific Middle East, in the video below.

“People having the right mindset, people being aligned with exactly what had to happen, having the right leadership in place driving towards vision of what they were trying to do and then trying to change old behaviors,” explains Dunford. ”We categorize those as people issues and organizational change issues, and interestingly In many aspects we are trying to do in the digital world.”

Hear more from Dunford in this video:

SAP EAM Products Enable Risk-Based Maintenance

Once the people are on board, building a risk-based maintenance strategy also requires the proper tools for managing maintenance and risk data and ensuring it is utilized effectively.

Many customers are already using SAP in some form to manage Risk-Based Maintenance strategies. However, SAP has recently released and updated products that can help companies even better enable those efforts, including the SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Module as well as Predictive Maintenance and Service (PdMS).

Much like Digital Transformation, building proper Risk-Based Maintenance will require that two-pronged approach of people and technology. At Vesta Partners we are experts in both maintenance and transformation, so we can guide you through that process.

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