Vesta Partners becomes a Rizing brand

Vesta Partners becomes a Rizing brand

[STAMFORD, CT] – [October 21, 2019] – Rizing, LLC announced today the re-branding of Vesta Partners, into the Rizing brand. Effective today, the company is now known as Rizing. The change is part of Rizing’s Category of One strategy to leverage the company’s industry strengths and technical capabilities with SAP® software and to raise the standards for partnership in SAP consulting, software implementation, service and support.  

“We at Rizing recognize that our customers’ businesses aren’t sitting still. Neither are we.” said Mike Maiolo, CEO of Rizing, LLC. “The change marks our deep commitment as one company to transforming business into the intelligent enterprise exclusively with SAP solutions for human capital management, enterprise asset management, and consumer industries. Our one brand – Rizing – is aligned with SAP customers across the full supply chain of individuals, resources and technology.” 

Rizing’s enterprise asset management line of business modernizes asset management, maximizing the value of physical assets with Internet of Things (IoT) enabled assets, geospatial data visualization and proprietary master data governance solutions.  

In consumer industries, Rizing  leverages  SAP and  emerging technologies to drive value and customer project success with best in class services and software for retail,  fashion,  wholesale distribution  and consumer products companies.   

Rizing is also one of the largest global HCM systems integrators focused on Human Experience Management (HXM) with over 350 certified SAP SuccessFactors® consultants delivering the employee experience across payroll, core HR, recruiting, onboarding, talent management and employee development. 

Rizing employs over 860 industry experts worldwide who work side by side with SAP customers to design and implement solutions that meet the specific needs of enterprise asset management (EAM), human capital management (HCM) and consumer industries (retail, fashion, wholesale and consumer products). On average, Rizing consultants have 15 years of business experience and 10 years of SAP® product configuration experience 

For companies seeking to transform their business through SAP software, Rizing combines the stability of a larger company able to take on more complex projects with the expertise, focus and attention of a boutique firm.  

“Rizing is the single embodiment of a handful of highly specialized boutique firms that have come together to present a solid presence of expertise in the SAP ecosystem,” said Bill Sarubbi, Chief Sales Executive at Rizing. “We’re still the same great people that worked with you as Vesta Partners, /N SPRO Consumer Industries, Synchrony Global and Rizing HCM. What has changed is our brand name.” 

Rizing is a privately held multi-national SAP Partner company whose individual enterprises have long been associated with strong industry knowledge and SAP® technical capabilities in the enterprise asset management, human capital management and consumer industries.   

The alignment of all businesses within a singular Rizing brand is initiated to match the Rizing vision, mission, values and direction. Learn more about Rizing on our single consolidated website: 


For more information, press only: 

Contact Sherryanne Meyer, Rizing Corporate Communications Director, 


About  Rizing  

Headquartered in Stamford, Conn., USA,  Rizing  is a privately held multinational company leading the development of the intelligent enterprise through our portfolio of services that includes Human Capital Management expertise for SAP® SuccessFactors® and SAP ERP HCM; SAP Enterprise Asset Management and SAP Consumer Industries. Rizing provides consulting and support services, SAP® Partner Managed Cloud payroll and our proprietary apps leveraging the SAP Cloud Platform to Fortune 500 and small and medium enterprises.  For more information, please visit or contact: Rizing, LLC at +1 (203) 517-0400, 


About One Equity Partners 

OEP is a middle-market private equity firm focused on the industrial, healthcare, and technology sectors in North America and Europe. The firm builds market-leading companies by identifying and executing transformative business combinations. OEP is a trusted partner with a differentiated investment process, a broad and senior team, and an established track record generating long-term value for its partners. Since 2001, the firm has completed more than 180 transactions worldwide. OEP, founded in 2001, spun out of JP Morgan in 2015. The firm has offices in New York, Chicago, and Frankfurt. For more information, please visit 

# # # 

SAP, SAP HANA and other SAP products and services mentioned herein as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP SE (or an SAP affiliate company) in Germany and other countries. See for additional trademark information and notices. 

All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies.  


SAP Forward-looking Statement 

Any statements contained in this document that are not historical facts are forward-looking statements as defined in the U.S. Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Words such as “anticipate,” “believe,” “estimate,” “expect,” “forecast,” “intend,” “may,” “plan,” “project,” “predict,” “should” and “will” and similar expressions as they relate to SAP are intended to identify such forward-looking statements. SAP undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements. All forward-looking statements are subject to various risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from expectations The factors that could affect SAP’s future financial results are discussed more fully in SAP’s filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”), including SAP’s most recent Annual Report on Form 20-F filed with the SEC. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which speak only as of their dates. 

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Building a Risk-Based Maintenance Approach for SAP Customers

Building a Risk-Based Maintenance Approach for SAP Customers

Risk-Based Maintenance is an important topic for SAP EAM customers—at the recent Mastering SAP EAM Conference in Gold Coast, Australia, our session on the topic drew a packed house of mostly organizations discussing how they are approaching Risk-Based Maintenance.

There are several important things to consider with Risk-Based Maintenance, particularly with operational areas such as people, costs, safety, and environment. There must also be considerations around the probability of asset failure and the consequence of that failure.

Of course, even when companies want to build a successful Risk-Based Maintenance program, there are barriers. Chief among them is data. Sometimes there isn’t enough data to provide an accurate picture of risk. Sometimes there is too much data, making it difficult to narrow in on what is important. And of course, sometimes there is data but not the means to properly analyze it in an actionable way.

Achieving Successful Risk-Based Maintenance

How can a company overcome a barrier such as data to reach effective Risk-Based Maintenance? It starts with the people—similar to when companies are undergoing digital transformation, says Peter Dunford, President of Vesta Partners Asia Pacific Middle East, in the video below.

“People having the right mindset, people being aligned with exactly what had to happen, having the right leadership in place driving towards vision of what they were trying to do and then trying to change old behaviors,” explains Dunford. ”We categorize those as people issues and organizational change issues, and interestingly In many aspects we are trying to do in the digital world.”

Hear more from Dunford in this video:

SAP EAM Products Enable Risk-Based Maintenance

Once the people are on board, building a risk-based maintenance strategy also requires the proper tools for managing maintenance and risk data and ensuring it is utilized effectively.

Many customers are already using SAP in some form to manage Risk-Based Maintenance strategies. However, SAP has recently released and updated products that can help companies even better enable those efforts, including the SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Module as well as Predictive Maintenance and Service (PdMS).

Much like Digital Transformation, building proper Risk-Based Maintenance will require that two-pronged approach of people and technology. At Vesta Partners we are experts in both maintenance and transformation, so we can guide you through that process.

Contact us to discuss Risk-Based Maintenance strategies with SAP.

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Vesta Partners Employees Help Veterans Start SAP Careers

Vesta Partners Employees Help Veterans Start SAP Careers

By: Nick Cecil, VP of Business Development for Oil & Gas and Chemicals.

Returning to the civilian population is often a challenging task for veterans. Not all of them make it—someone who has been in combat hasn’t learned a supply chain skillset, for example. They struggle to find what type of job is out there for them.

That’s why St. Michael’s Learning Academy trains veterans to get their TERP10 SAP Certifications. The certification gives those veterans a kick start to their post-military career.

Last year I met Christine Aboud from St. Michael’s Learning Academy, after she presented on the SAP certification program at an industry event. After learning about what St. Michael’s does, I wanted to help.

St. Michael’s asked if Vesta could help review some of the course curriculum and support the interview process for the potential candidates. Denise Powell and I supported the initial review of curriculum and made recommendations on how to incorporate more advanced training into the program. Additionally, I traveled to Fort Hood with another coworker and Army veteran, Nevin Gamble, to interview veterans applying to the program.

These interviews were educational in nature. We’d sit down with the program administrators afterwards to go over what went right, what could have been done better, and give suggestions on how to continue preparing the veterans for job interviews.

Related: Military Veterans Find Career Success, Culture Fit at Vesta Partners

Finding that First SAP Job

Getting the TERP10 certification is a first step in building a new life for St. Michael’s graduates. After that, it becomes about marketing their newly-acquired skillset to employers.

I have started working with several of the veterans to help them prepare for interviews, provide input on their resumes, and help improve their LinkedIn profiles. I help the veterans get acclimated to the job search process by having them send me a resume and a LinkedIn request, which I follow up with feedback.

At an ASUG event in June, I helped conduct job interviews at a job fair for the St. Michael’s graduates and again provided constructive feedback. I also stress the important of post-interview follow-up—reaching out to companies and taking the bull by the horns.

Keeping Skills Fresh

The SAP ecosystem is always changing with new products and new technologies driving businesses. It’s important for St. Michael’s alumni to stay up-to-date on these changes, because they are sure to come up at prospective companies.

With that in mind, I went back to Fort Hood in July to give a presentation to the future SAP professionals. I discussed my own background of coming from a life as a diesel mechanic in underground mining to an SAP career. If I can make that transition, surely a military veteran with strong process discipline and leadership skills can do the same.

My presentation also covered where SAP is heading in the future—giving a quick look at topics such as SAP S/4HANA, Internet of Things, Asset Intelligence Network, predictive maintenance, Design Thinking, and user experience. Vesta Partners provided lunch, then I conducted more interviews in the afternoon.

Making Connections

Since that workshop, I have received a number of resumes from veterans looking to return to the civilian workforce. I have identified several for future Junior Consultant roles at Vesta Partners when the opportunity arises.

Additionally, I have discussed the St. Michael’s program with many of Vesta’s clients who have military recruitment programs. If I can’t find them a job at Vesta, I still want them to find success somewhere in the SAP ecosystem. These veterans have made great sacrifices and we owe them some support.

Interested in an SAP career with Vesta? Check out our Careers page.

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Join Vesta along the ASUG EAM Inspiration Roadshow.

Join Vesta along the ASUG EAM Inspiration Roadshow!

Vesta Partners is excited to be a part of ASUG’s Enterprise Asset Management Inspiration Roadshow! Join us as we help explore new opportunities in the world of asset management for four full-day events across North America starting June 19th. Come meet our very own Vesta Partners team, as they present on EAM in S/4HANA and taking asset and data management to new levels of mastery.

Their session will show how S/4HANA 1709 can be utilized for an equipment cradle to grave and outline the associated benefits. The interactive presentation will be scenario-driven with much time spent in the system. The presentation is applicable to all customers no matter if they are new to SAP EAM, want to start with S/4 or are existing ECC customers seeking options to transition.

The Roadshow will be traveling all across North America so we hope to meet you anywhere along the journey. The locations and dates are as follows:

June 19th– Calgary, Canada – Nexen Energy ULC

June 21st – Houston, TX – Norris Conference Centers

June 26th– Farifax, VA – Fairfax Water Authority

June 28th– Seattle, WA – Hilton Seattle Airport & Conference Center

For more information

To register or for more information regarding the roadshow please check out ASUG’s event page at

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Learn 5 Ways to Optimize Your SAP Use from Vesta Partners, a proud sponsor of the Mastering SAP EAM Conference

Learn 5 Ways to Optimize Your SAP Use from Vesta Partners, a proud sponsor of the Mastering SAP EAM Conference

The world has changed. Businesses are demanding. New leadership styles, new technologies and global standards are emerging. Vesta Partners is proud to announce our support of the Mastering SAP EAM Conference at the Star in Gold Coast, Australia from 19-21 November. This conference celebrates the leadership, technology and innovations that are transforming Asset Management.

The conference is the result of country wide face-to-face discussions with over 60 industry professionals speaking their mind. Topics include Driving Organisational Change & Engagement, Opportunities for Integration, Maximising Mobility, and more. Here are 5 workshops and sessions lead by our in-house experts to help you optimize your SAP EAM use:

  • Workshop: Applying Core SAP Functionality to Support Job Management

    • Speaker: John Dwyer

    • Sunday, November 19th 12:00 – 6:00 PM

    • (Requires pre-registration. Click here to book.)

  • Risk Based Strategic Planning, Scheduling and Execution

    • Speaker: Martin Greaves

    • Monday, November 20th 4:00 – 4:50 PM

  • How to Drive Innovation and Capitalise on Technological Advances to Develop the Business of the Future

    • Speaker: Len Harms

    • Tuesday, November 21st 8:30 AM

  • Achieving High Quality Asset Master Data

    • Speaker: John Dwyer

    • Tuesday, November 21st 9:20 AM

  • Fishbowl Session – Optimising Your Current SAP System and Eliminating Waste

    • Speaker: John Dwyer

    • Tuesday, November 21st 10:55 AM – 12:45 PM

We look forward to seeing you there!

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GIS Blog Series – Part 5: Inability to Provide Asset Data as well as Spatial Data to a Mobile Workforce

GIS Blog Series – Part 5: Inability to Provide Asset Data as well as Spatial Data to a Mobile Workforce

This is number five in a series of blogs designed to address Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in conjunction with SAP. We will do this by addressing the most important customer challenges.

For those who are sufficiently long-in-the-tooth, think back to a time before smart phones…before GPS…before mobile maps. 

In those days a cross-country trek, a trip to a neighboring state, or even a short drive to a new location nearby required careful planning and preparation.  Even with printed maps and notes, it was still very common to become lost and then need to stop and ask a local for directions.  The whole process was difficult, error-prone, and stressful.

Many present-day maintenance technicians and engineers still live in this world.  In the office, they have access to their SAP EAM tools, and they have access to their GIS, but out in the field they may not have either.  This leads to challenges that impact their ability to inspect and repair assets:



“What asset am I looking at?” Worker is next to an asset, but does not know which one it is.  There might be a label or name plate attached to the asset, but those can be destroyed or damaged over time.
“What work needs to be done on the asset in front of me?” Worker is next to an asset, but does not know what work is needed.
“What work has been done here in the past?” Worker does not know what work has been done on the assets at their location.
“What other assets are nearby that I can work on, while I’m here?” Worker does work on one asset and wants to know if there are others nearby that require inspection, maintenance, or repair.
“The asset I’m looking for is missing!” Worker has an assignment to inspect or maintain an asset, but can’t find it in the field.
“There is an asset here I wasn’t expecting!” Worker finds an asset in the field that is not present at that location according to the system.

Through the adoption of a mobile work management platform that pulls data directly from integrated SAP and GIS systems, we can help our maintenance engineers with these challenges. 

A mobile solution that pulls data from SAP and GIS, and lets users enter and update data, modernizes and empowers maintenance workers.  Their challenges are now addressable:



“What asset am I looking at?” User can look at a mobile map view where assets are identified and labelled.  Reference layers in the map can help the user confirm the asset.  (e.g., “The railway signal at the end of this bridge is the one I want.”)
“What work needs to be done on the asset in front of me?” User can view Work Orders and Notifications for the asset on the mobile device.
“What work has been done here in the past?” User can view work history for the asset / location on the mobile device.
“What other assets are nearby that I can work on, while I’m here?” User can access a list of nearby assets and check for any inspection, maintenance, or repair tasks needed.
“The asset I’m looking for is missing!” User can make an update to the asset record on the mobile device to tell the back office that it is missing.  Back-Office can then investigate and correct the data.
“There is an asset here I wasn’t expecting!” User can create the asset on a map view at the correct location, enter in any available data, and send to the back office to trigger creation of a new asset record.

In addition to enabling and empowering the field engineer to complete work, an integrated SAP-GIS mobile solution, such as SAP Work Manager, can also increase data quality.  Cases where the real world layout of assets differs from the system representation can be identified, documented, and corrected.  For example, if a storm knocks over a utility pole, a new one may be stood up, but possibly in a slightly different location.  A field worker at that location can note the actual assets and positions right on a map view in the mobile app, and push those updates back to SAP and GIS. Then, through a fully-automated or user-controlled process, the corrected data can be updated in the system.

Mobile GIS-SAP applications like SAP Work Manager can assist with the connectivity challenges faced in the field through offline and synching capabilities. These applications have an offline store local to the device and can transmit data back and forth between backend systems. This enables a more robust mobile solution that can handle working underground, extreme weather conditions, device issues, etc. 

Data from the backend system can be sent to the device while the user is online and stored on it.  The user can access that data, even while offline, to see maps, assets, and work required.  While offline, data entered by the user is stored on the device.  When the user is back online he or she can perform a sync to send updates to the back-end system.  The user gains the benefits of having geospatial asset information in the field without requiring a continuous connection to the back-end systems.

So, whether it’s data flowing out to the field, or in from the field, we can see that providing asset and spatial data through mobile solutions fully realizes the power of SAP-GIS integration.  Assets in the real world can be matched with assets in the systems for efficient and effective management.


Subscribe to our Newsletter below and stay tuned on the future GIS blog posts focusing on topics such as: Data Maintenance and Data Integrity, Influence on Planning and Scheduling, Mobility, Spatial Analysis, and Material Traceability.

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Supply Chain & Procurement – MRP Tips & Tricks

Supply Chain & Procurement – Let’s talk MRP. Tips & Tricks.


  • MRO Materials can account for up to 60% of an operation’s maintenance costs.
  • This is a substantial impact on the cost of an operation’s maintenance and in many cases a major contributor to considerable and unnecessary costs.
  • This holds true especially where superficial management of MRO Materials occurs and a general unfamiliarity exists for materials management and MRP best practices.
  • A comprehensive engagement of materials management best practices in any organization can and will provide an immediate and sustainable return on investment.

The below presentation conducted during the 2016 Annual ASUG meeting in Orlando FL, touched upon the MRP Results Processing, options for different ways to manage the process, and tips for ease of use.

Let's Talk MRP. Tips & Tricks

Supply Chain & Procurement – MRP Tips & Tricks2017-11-06T19:37:40+00:00

Employee Spotlight: Calvin Fidler


Extraordinary climber, dedicated Cancer Research supporter…

The Vesta Employee Spotlight is dedicated to our extraordinary coworkers who exemplify the true values of Vesta.

Meet Calvin Fidler, a Senior Consultant from Jackson Hole, Wyoming who joined the Vesta North America team over 5 years ago. Prior to Vesta, Calvin was a Director of SAP R&D for a “Powered by SAP NetWeaver” product (the Peak Automation control).

Calvin’s continuous involvement and support of cancer research inspires us all, and that is why we dedicated this Vesta Employee Spotlight post to Mr. Fidler.

Get to know Calvin Fidler:

Family Life:

Daughter, Danea Fidler the Artist (see painting above)

Most interesting place you have visited:

At my peak traveling, I filled up 2 passports (with extra pages) in just 15 years. Not many places I haven’t been. I go to Fontainebleau France every year for rock climbing and Switzerland for mountain biking. Thailand last year for SCUBA diving was amazing. Istanbul Turkey (work) was very interesting, but by far the most interesting was Russia. The difference in culture and the warmth of the people is amazing. 

One thing you can’t live without:

My TV. But can’t figure out how to turn it on.

Favorite type of food:

If you know me you know the answer. Sushi from the Sushi den! The best Sushi restaurant in the world and I have been to most!

Favorite quote:

There are two:

Thomas Jefferson “I have nothing but contempt for anyone who can spell a word only one way”

Albert Einstein “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

Favorite sports team(s):

I don’t watch sports, I do sports. I have a TV but lost the remote about seven months ago and can’t figure out how to turn it on.

My favorite athlete: Alex Puccio (The Beast) a world cup rock climber that I climb with at the Heart and Souls climbing completion every year to benefit cancer research.

Last book you read:

Steven Hawking’s Black Holes and baby universe. It’s a typical Hawking book, seams to be simple. While you are reading, you think that you get it, but when you are asked to explain it…. Ammmm Ammmmmm!

I am currently reading “The Plastic Coated Leaf” by Robert Watts Jr. A book of short stories and poems. We have all sat next to some wild character on a plane to or from somewhere. A few months ago I sat next to Robert on a flight, WOW! Ex NFL football player, Boston College football hall of fame and Doctor Psy.D.



This falls into two categories, sports and home stuff.

Sports: Rock climbing, mountain biking, skiing, running, adventure racing, kayaking and SCUBA diving.

Home: Wood working and my 3200 sq. foot vegetable garden (Food for the year).

Favorite TV Shows:

I lost my remote years ago (Sports)

Top 3 things on your bucket list:

I have climbed Denali in Alaska and a lot of the big peaks in the Canadian Rockies like Robson and Edith Cavell. I did the nose of El Capitan (With ropes not like Alex Honnold) I have traveled the world for work and fun. The only thing remaining is to walk the Camino Santiago de Compostela.

Community Involvement:

For the past 4 years I have been competing and donating to a climbing competition for cancer research. It is run by Fred Hutchinson cancer research center and is called Hears and Souls climbing competition. This event is put on by my small local climbing gym in Colorado and raises about $15k per year for cancer research. There are big cooperate sponsors donating $2k to $3K each. But the majority of the donations are from the local climber.

We have all been affected by cancer in one form or another (friends, loved ones or even our self’s). Its only money and I have made a point over the past few years to be the largest donor, hoping that it will encourage others to donate as well. Last year Vesta was a cooperate sponsor and helped with the donation – Thanks to all of you!

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Rizing Completes Acquisition of 3D Results

Rizing Completes Acquisition of 3D Results Stamford, CT – August 20, 2018 – Rizing, LLC, a privately-held multinational company providing leading SAP functional and technical services to its [...]

Join our Team:


Vesta employs technical and functional SAP EAM Consultants and Asset Management Industry Experts in North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.


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Employee Spotlight: Bill Busath


Helping Refugees Assimilate into American Society…

The Vesta Employee Spotlight is dedicated to our extraordinary coworkers who exemplify the true values of Vesta.

Meet Bill Busath, a Senior Consultant from Monument, CO, who joined the Vesta North America team after completing a two-year CRM Implementation project with our sister company, /N SPRO.  Prior to that Bill was self-employed as an SAP Technical Consultant. It didn’t take long for our management team to learn about Bill’s admirable community involvement, and that is why we dedicated our first Vesta Employee Spotlight post to Mr. Busath.

Get to know Bill Busath:

Family Life:

  • Wife – Kara
  • 5 kids: Thomas 21, Ben 18, Hope 15, Annie 15, Maren 13
  • 1 Dog – Scout

Most interesting place you have visited:

We adopted our daughter Hope from Ghana.  The most interesting place I have been is the school/orphanage where she lived.  Spending a couple of weeks there working with those wonderful children was one of the best experiences of my life.  My wife is a teacher, and she spent 7 weeks over two different visits there teaching in the school and working on our adoption.  She agrees it was a life-changing experience.

One thing you can’t live without:

My cell phone

Favorite type of food:

Depends on the day.  Maybe Thai?

Favorite quote:

Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection” – Mark Twain

Favorite sports team(s):

Colorado Avalanche (yes, even in years when they’re the worst team in the NHL), Utah Jazz, Denver Broncos, BYU football and basketball, Air Force football and hockey

Last book you read:

In Cold Blood by Truman Capote


  • Mountain biking
  • Ice hockey
  • Skiing
  • Running
  • Watching my kids play sports
  • Travel
  • Reading

Favorite TV Shows:

Arrested Development, Breaking Bad

Top 3 things on your bucket list:

  1. Visit all seven continents
  2. Climb as many Colorado 14ers as I can
  3. Complete an Ironman triathlon

Community Involvement:

My wife and I run an English language learning program for refugees in Colorado Springs.  We started as cultural mentors for refugees who were being resettled in the area, helping them learn how to ride the bus, use money, go to the store, run the appliances in their apartments, etc.  We quickly realized the need for English classes to help them progress more quickly in their assimilation into American society.  We started small, but the classes have grown larger and larger through word of mouth.  We now have volunteers teaching three levels of English classes, which my wife develops the curriculum for and supervises. My son and I teach a GED preparation class for some of the refugees who have been here a while longer and have jobs, but hope to improve their job prospects with a high school degree.  My daughters and their friends provide childcare for the children of our students during the classes.  We have about 30-35 adults and 15-18 children from Africa, Iraq and Colombia attending our weekly classes, along with about 12 regular volunteers.  We feel very strongly about helping out the refugees in our area and feel our lives have been greatly enriched by working with them.

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Rizing, LLC the parent company of Vesta Partners, Rizing HCM and /N SPRO Consumer Industries is pleased to announce the promotion of Bill Sarubbi to Chief Sales Executive (CSE) for Rizing, LLC....

Rizing Completes Acquisition of 3D Results

Rizing Completes Acquisition of 3D Results Stamford, CT – August 20, 2018 – Rizing, LLC, a privately-held multinational company providing leading SAP functional and technical services to its [...]

Join our Team:


Vesta employs technical and functional SAP EAM Consultants and Asset Management Industry Experts in North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.


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4 Reasons to check out our booth @ 2017 International SAP Conference for Utilities

Vesta, a Premium Sponsor of the 2017 International SAP Conference for Utilities

Vesta is proud to continue our support as a premium sponsor of the 2017 International SAP Conference for Utilities, taking place on march 28-30 in Lisbon, Portugal. It’s a fantastic event where you can hear firsthand how SAP customers are staying ahead of the curve with a variety of sessions from strategic keynotes, to solution road-maps, global customer case studies, and deep dive workshops. With over 17 hours of interactive content and over 12 hours of undiluted networking time, the International SAP Conference for Utilities represents a truly unique and world-class learning opportunity for all who attend.

If you are attending the event, or are still just considering it, check out the below 4 reasons why stopping by the Vesta booth is a must:

1.  Speak to real world industry experts about your unique Utilities business needs… for absolutely no cost to you!

More than ever, utilities are faced with increasing challenges in the form of growing stringent regulatory mandates, aging infrastructure, and economic and political forces. Efficiently tracking, managing and optimizing assets is critical to effectively deal with these challenges, and a comprehensive asset and work management system is essential to support the management of critical assets. Consider speaking to our Vesta real world experts while at the show, to help you navigate these challenges. Vesta is focused on helping Utilities put together the Asset System Puzzle: how should SAP EAM, SCADA, GIS and other critical systems work together? With SAP Enterprise Asset Management as the foundation, Vesta can help create a solution architecture that allows utilities to address asset challenges.

Vesta offers complete implementation and optimization services for SAP EAM solutions:

  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Compatible Units
  • Real Estate
  • Asset Lifecycle Accounting
  • SAP Work Manager
  • Project Systems
  • Commercial Project Management (CPM)
  • Linear Asset Management
  • GEO.e/GIS Integration
  • UI/UX, including UI5/Fiori, Personas, NWBC,
  • BI/BOBJ/Lumira
  • IT/OT and EAM Data Analytics
  • Machine Integration/Intelligence and Condition Based Maintenance
  • Multi Resource Scheduling
  • Work Clearance Management

Vesta also offers numerous other services including:

  • Asset Management Strategy Development
  • ISO 55000/PAS 55 consulting and plan development
  • Business Process & EAM System Audit/Analysis









2.  Discover the Asset Management Framework (AMF). Vesta’s proprietary framework on how we approach the business of Asset Management.

3.  Get an in-person demo of our simple and flexible EAM Mobility solution: Vesta Hydrogen

Learn how you can unlock the full potential of your SAP system by empowering asset management end-users to work seamlessly in the field (online/offline) or in the office using the same adaptive interface.

  • Modern Fiori-based UX that works on laptop, tablet and mobile devices (Windows PC, iOS & Android)
  • Fully functional offline to support field based work
  • Simple role based configuration for maintenance tasks
  • Flexible and lightweight architecture for an SAP EAM landscape with minimal impact
  • Developed, supported and backed by Vesta’s SAP EAM industry experts

4.  Find out what differentiates Vesta from the rest…

Asset Management isn’t just something we do. It’s all we do. Our most recent achievements and awards include:

  • CIO Review 20 Most Promising EAM Solution Providers
  • Consulting magazine’s Seven Small Jewels of Award
  • Voting member of US Technical Advisory Group helping to define the ISO 55000 standard

Our team members have Real World Experience from holding jobs in industries like yours. We know the software from actually using it. Our employees:

  • Are a global team of over 170 EAM professionals
  • Successfully completed 1000+ projects of all sizes
  • Supporting over 320 satisfied customers worldwide

Check out examples of our work within the Utilities Industry: