SAP EAM UX Blog Series – Personas (Part 5)

SAP EAM UX Blog Series – Personas (Part 5)

One of the important new technologies available to improve the user experience for SAP EAM users is SAP Screen Personas. SAP Screen Personas provides customers the flexibility to personalize and transform the SAP GUI screens to suit their specific business needs.

SAP Screen Personas gives business users and IT users the ability to meet the need for rapid screen changes, delivering improved user experience and increased work efficiency. Providing the right information to the right users in the right context enables them to get more done in less time with greater accuracy. With more intuitive SAP screens, organizations can enhance user satisfaction, minimize training time, and spend less money on screen modifications.

SAP Screen Personas is a browser-based rendering engine for classic SAP Dynpro screens. SAP Dynpro is the familiar and standard SAP GUI technology used for the majority of SAP ERP screens. SAP Screen Personas allows those transactions to be customized and presented in a web browser with no installation of the SAP GUI client needed on the desktop.

Through a simple graphical editor, the look and feel of a SAP screen can be tailored to specific user requirements. The customized screens created in SAP Screen Personas are called Flavors. For more advanced functionality and automation, scripting is available using the common JavaScript language. An example of a Flavor might be a customized maintenance launch screen like the one pictured below that replaces the traditional tree view of SAP transactions that is presented upon login.


The architecture of SAP Screen Personas 3.0 is shown below. SAP Screen Personas is designed to be non-intrusive to existing solutions and follow the existing security configuration. Implementing SAP Screen Personas does not alter the existing GUI presented in the SAP GUI or any other SAP UX technology. Existing functionality can be preserved reducing implementation risk while enhancing the user experience for groups of users in critical transactions.

A typical implementation of SAP Screen Personas focuses first on those screens where some changes to the SAP GUI interaction will dramatically improve results. From this initial start, you can proceed to build Flavors for more user groups to gradually provide an improved user experience for a large set of SAP users.


SAP Screen Personas provides a simple and efficient way to streamline and improve the user experience for your SAP EAM users with minimal risk to your existing SAP implementation.

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