Denise Powell, a Global Business Development Manager at Vesta, to speak at the 2015 ASUG Annual Conference in Orlando FL.

Denise POwell to Speak at ASUG Annual Conference

Denise Powell, a Global Business Development Manager at Vesta, will be speaking on the topic of “Effective Maintenance Planning and Impacts to the MRO Procurement Process” at the 2015 ASUG Annual Conference, taking place in Orlando FL., on May 5-7. During this session Denise will discuss the impact of poor maintenance planning to the supply chain process as well as how the MRO storeroom can affect the life cycle cost of an asset.

Here’s a sneak peek summary:

“A poorly operated maintenance or MRO storeroom can contribute up to 25% of the unplanned downtime in a manufacturing facility.

The entire organization will contribute to the cost of the product and having the product available. The largest impact on performance, which is represented by life cycle cost and customer service levels, is reliable capacity. Unreliable assets drive reactive and corrective decisions which are wasteful and costly.

The MRO storeroom has two key roles: supplying capacity and assuring capacity. This is accomplished by achieving the storeroom’s primary purpose which is to have the correct part, in the correct quantity, at the correct time, at the correct place, and at the correct price to minimize downtime. If this is accomplished the MRO storeroom directly contributes to lowering the life cycle cost of an asset and the cost of goods sold. A key to this success is also ensuring maintenance best practices are followed. Poor planning of resources and MRO parts can affect the entire supply chain and directly impact cost and downtime.”

Lessons to take away:

  1. Challenges within the MRO Process
  2. We will be discussing 4 major points in refining the PM à MRO process
  3. Accurate Master Data
  4. Business Process Refinement
  5. Technology Driven Enhancements
  6. Training – Ongoing Training


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