How to record Lab Standards in SAP using Vesta QMC

How to record Lab Standards in SAP using Vesta QMC

Have you ever been frustrated by the fact that you cannot record the Lab Standards used during calibration recording in SAP?

Recording calibration information in SAP is achieved by using features of SAP QM and SAP PM, but there is no support for the recording of Lab Standards.

Vesta QMC is an SAP add-on that not only enhances the calibration process in SAP, it also allows users to record all Lab Standards used, and run an audit report to identify where they were used.

Recording Lab Standards

In this section we will show how easy it is to record Lab Standards with Vesta QMC and then run the audit report to view where they were assigned to inspection lots.

The following steps assume you have already scheduled and released your maintenance plan, which will have created a work order and inspection lot.

Step 1:

Navigate to any of the calibration recording transactions (QE11, QE17, QE20, QE51N or QE72) and enter the appropriate selection criteria that will return the required inspection lot.

Step 2:

Click on the Record Lab Stn button.

QMC - blog - Step1

Step 3:

Start entering Standards that were used during the calibration process.

QMC - blog - step 3

As you enter Standards, you will notice that Vesta QMC indicates if the Standards themselves require calibration. If the red icon appears, it means the Standard has not been calibrated at all, or is passed the required next calibration date.

Last Calibration date and Calibration Due dates are displayed to the user as well.

In addition, you can enter environmental information in the form of the Lab Temperature and humidity.

Step 4:

Save the changes.

QMC - blog - step 4

That is all that needs to be done to record the Lab Standards that were used. These can then be reflected on the Calibration Certificate, which itself is created by Vesta QMC.

Lastly, we can run a report to determine during which calibrations the Standard was used. This could come in handy if for example it is determined later on that the Standard itself was faulty. All the pieces of equipment that were calibrated with the Standard can then easily be identified and the corrective action taken.

Lets have a look at how we can accomplish this:

We start by navigating to transaction /VESTA/QMC_TRACE  and enter the equipment number for the Standard.

QMC - blog - 5

Execute the transaction  QMC - blog - 6

QMC - Blog -7

The resulting information indicates among other thing, the Inspection Lot and Work Orders during which the Standard was used, as well as the equipment that was calibrated.


Stay tuned for additional blog posts on Vesta products.

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