Join Vesta at the Asset Management Innovation Day in Perth, Australia – Tuesday, 15th March

Whether you’re relatively new to SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) or a seasoned veteran, you don’t want to miss this event as our very own Noel Fagan, Global Rail Industry lead and other experts present the successful use of SAP to support key aspects of the asset life-cycle. When it comes to Enterprise Asset Management in SAP, most people think of the Plant Maintenance module. Although this is a functionally rich and well-proven solution, it is only one module of the SAP solution suite that enables asset life-cycle management.

This upcoming Innovation Day of Sharing will provide a no-nonsense approach on how SAP can represent and support geographically distributed linear and point assets, provide extensive support for ISO 55000 processes, and support the growing requirements for condition based maintenance and interactive analytical capability. The day will include live demonstrations, as well as customer examples of how the solutions are being used.