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Preparing for Asset Performance Management (APM)

It is clear that Asset Managers and Asset Investment Managers need more than the standard maintenance management systems currently provide. But how can this be achieved? The answer is through Asset Performance Management (APM). There are a number of APM solutions in the market place that are capable of using the wealth of asset information that asset intensive organisations collect as part of day to day operations …

Vesta Partners, GIS Integrayion

A Business Case for SAP GIS Integration

For the longest time GIS and SAP EAM were continents all onto themselves. Each contained many little countries but nobody from one continent would talk to anybody from the other, except for the occasional letter from an aunt. This is analogous to the way enterprise applications …

Improving Efficiency in SAP by Simplifying the User Experience

Companies using the SAP suite of products may not be seeing the full benefits from the range of features purchased. Much of this has to do with systems that weren’t designed for different end users of varying skill levels who need to complete a variety of tasks throughout the day…


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