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Asset Intelligence Network (AIN)

Learn how tighter, cloud based collaboration with your equipment supplier and service providers increase safety and operational efficiency.

Vesta is offering a four hour complimentary workshop specific to the AIN:

  • What is AIN, Collaboration, Digital twin?
  • How can all the buzzwords and abbreviations (Cloud, Network, IoT) really help my business run better?
  • How can AIN support my master data management processes?
  • Integration with SAP MDG.
  • Manufacturer updates are fed into MDG process.
  • How could AIN make my organization safer?
  • Example industry use cases.
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Predictive Maintenance & Service Workshop (PdMS)

How can the latest technology help me run my organization more safely and efficiently while reducing risk and extracting value?

Vesta is offering a four hour workshop specific to PdMS

  • What is Predictive Maintenance, Prescriptive Maintenance and Artificial intelligence in EAM?
  • How can all the buzzwords and abbreviations (IoT – Internet of Things, IIoT – Industrial Internet of Things, IT OT – Information Technology Operational Technology, HANA) really help me run my business better?
  • Example industry use cases.


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