Mastering SAP EAM Covers Cultural and Technological Transformation in Asset Management

True Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) transformation requires change from all areas of an organization—from technology and IT in the back office, to culture through the business in the front office. At Mastering SAP EAM in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, customers and partners will discuss that entire EAM process.

Senoko is Singapore’s largest power generation facility and recently revitalized an out-of-date SAP EAM system to match its current asset management needs, while also driving a cultural change that gave more ownership to the business. Senoko calls this Project Sunshine, and it will detail how it delivered this implementation during its Mastering SAP EAM presentation Senoko’s Project Sunshine – The Foundation to Improve & Enable Innovation. Driven by People on Tuesday, November 20 at 9:20 am.

Connecting SAP Ariba to EAM

How can SAP Ariba enhance with your company’s EAM processes? Denise Powell, Vesta Partners director of global business development for supply chain and procurement, will discuss how Ariba integrates with SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA EAM functionality. To date, there are over 8,000 integration points between Ariba and SAP ERPs, many of which have come in the last year. Powell will walk attendees through the highlights of those integrations and provide examples of how connecting Ariba to SAP ERP systems can improve the SAP EAM process. Powell’s presentation, entitled How to Succeed with Your Ariba/EAM Integration can be seen at 1:45 pm on Tuesday, November 20.

Building an Effective EAM System

If you are arriving in Gold Coast by Sunday afternoon (November 18), Mastering SAP EAM kicks off early with two deep-dive sessions from Vesta Asia Pacific EAM Solution Architect John Dwyer on EAM Technical Objects (3:00 pm) and Regular Maintenance (4:15 pm).

In the Technical Objects talk, Dwyer will dig into the purpose, features, and setup of standard SAP functionality for Functional Locations, Equipment, and Bill of Materials to support key asset management objectives. Regular Maintenance will cover the important elements in setup of effective regular maintenance, including gathering measurements, structuring task list libraries, and the powerful scheduling capabilities of maintenance plans.

Visit Our Booth

Vesta is a premier partner for Mastering SAP EAM. Find us on the show floor, where our EAM experts can talk with you about your own SAP EAM transformation. Stop by for a chat and we’ll have something cool and voice activated to give away.

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