OutsideIn, Driving Value to Owners

How OutisdeIn EAM Implementation Methodology Drives Value in Construction  

OutsideIn is a highly effective approach created and used by Vesta for designing and implementing technology for construction and EAM companiesFundamentally, it is an approach that focuses on field activities of labor, equipment usage, and materials installation productivity and enables data driven decision making that enhances the efficiencies of those operations. 

Another area of focus for OutsideIn is creating true interoperability from design, estimating, scheduling and project execution. It starts with Virtual Design and Construction processes and creates the interoperability through SAP’s Visual Enterprise (VE). It is a multi-dimensional visualization tool that can federate design models from any Building Information Modeling (BIM) or CAD application.  

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Integrating Design to Downstream Processes 

Once in VE, besides being able to visualize the design, you can take the data from the model and integrate it to downstream processes. That includes materials and quantities to estimating, materials and quantities to procurement, associations of materials to scheduling tools like Primavera, and associations of materials or equipment to functional locations. The integrations are bilateral, so as your ERP system transacts, you can bring that activity or status as another dimension. An example is materials and quantities sent to Ariba for procurement, then procurement status data coming back into the model as an association with a different color.    

OutsideIn methodology also integrates estimating with project controls and execution. One of the enabling prerequisites however is the harmonization of cost breakdown structures (CBS) used in estimating and work breakdown structures (WBS) used in project execution. With OutsideIn, you will have developed structures that make both groups happy and you now have a methodology to vastly improve the ability to get at past cost easily. You can now apply the integration technology to create project control budgets seamlessly, which resides in SAP.   

Planning Every Detail 

Lastly Vesta has created a planning tool that takes work packages and plans them out in detail for a 1-3 day look ahead. It also has the ability of stimulating the comparison of the plan to the estimating cost and productivity, once the plan is created.  

The planning tool pushes each days plan to the field for consumption. Every task, every person, every piece of equipment and the materials they will be installing will be represented in that day’s plan.  At the end of each day, every person signs out, indicating hours worked, materials installed and equipment hours used. That is integrated to both job cost and payroll. 

Innovative use of the VE model allows for a way to communicate with owners to watch the progression of the installed materials into the structure. This will also be a powerful tool for commissioning. All of the commissioning information and documents can be linked to the models as being built. It can serve for a future tool in EAM processes. 

Benefits for All Stakeholders 

The majority of the business benefits will flow from these critical design and deployment aspects, as depicted in this model: 



The integrated OutsideIn approach enables construction companies to sit more comfortably at the table of Design Build, DBOM, Joint Ventures, IPD and P3’s, with a single and reliable view of the source of truth that these models are based upon.

Owners will realize the value of this approach and will want to require it to manage risk and realize the value of the waste it can prevent.  Additionally, if  bonding companies and insurance companies had access to this kind of data and the knowledge that their clients were managing their projects with this real time information, their bonding and insurance rates would be lower. This again creates value for both the owner and the contractor. 

OutsideIn design and deployments of technology deliver the best way to manage risk and attain planned margins in this intense world of competition on complex projects. It delivers value not only to the contractor, but to owners and other stakeholders as well. 

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