Asset Management is all we do.

But software is not always involved.

Asset Management Consulting

We don’t dabble in Asset Management. In fact, we are proud to be a jack of one trade. But part of being so focused is being well-versed in business processes independent of software. We can review your current processes to explore potential areas of opportunity. Or help you prepare for a future Asset Management project.  Click below to learn more.

Are you in need of an Asset Management Health Check-up?

Assets have their own way of letting you know they are in need of maintenance. We can help you identify maintenance problems before they become production problems. It starts with the Asset Management Framework or AMF. Not sure if your AMF is on solid ground. We can help you regardless of what EAM software solution you’re using. We can also help if you’re not using any EAM software at all. (Yes, that happens and if this is you, you are not alone.)

Our Asset Management Check-up will give you a clear idea of the health status of your Asset Management processes. Which will help ensure the health status of your actual assets.

Why take our Asset Management Health Check-up?
  • Assess your equipment AND your processes
  • Cost effective – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure (or mg and gram, if you will)
  • Improved cost sightlines for your Finance team
  • Unplanned downtime is bad news for everyone
  • Long-term survivability of expensive assets is key to operations
  • Smoother transitions when senior personnel retire
  • Less stress and frustrations for maintenance personnel with efficient systems in place
Yes, we could use a check-up

Are you in need of a Health Check-up?

Yes, we could use a check-up

We know the Asset Management Standards – ISO55000  because we helped create them

Vesta is committed to advancing the discipline of asset management globally.  We were on the forefront of supporting the development of ISO-55000 by having a membership in the (PC-251) committee that developed the standard.  In addition, Vesta maintains a membership on the US Technical Committee (TC-251) that continues to work on the advancement of the ISO-55000.

Vesta also is a member of the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) and supports the organization by participating in periodic meetings and attending their conference. We currently have several employees who maintain IAM’s Asset Management Certification.

Vesta leverages our involvement in the asset management community to benefit our clients through educational workshops, asset management site assessments, and strategic updates on the direction of asset management around the world.

ISO 55000

Purpose of a Roadmap & Business Case Development?

Every company with its doors still open has a vision and a roadmap to get there. It starts with the Business Case Development to understand the ‘why’ before the ‘how.’ In asset intensive industries the roadmap must address additional factors. There’s regulatory oversight, mergers, acquisitions, retiring workers. Plus, there are technology factors like IT, big data, the cloud and mobility.


  • Increase control and transparency
  • Align to industry standards (like ISO55000)
  • Prioritize and allocate limited resources across all lines of business
  • Optimal use of exiting tools and tech
  • Retire redundant systems
  • Improved efficiency
How we can help?

We’ll review your current state using our proven framework and methodologies to help you meet your objectives and vision.

Our Roadmap:

  1. Current state Discovery
  2. End state Goals
  3. Assessment of initiatives
  4. Fit assessment
  5. Roadmap development

ROI-Value Realization. Where results take center stage.

ROI-Value Realization is a key part of an Asset Maintenance project. Why? It showcases the tangible or actual business value of an IT system or improvement. Vesta believes that the true key to a successful implementation of business value realization involves four elements.

Key Elements:

  1. Collaboration between, IT, stakeholders/board members and often other department representatives
  2. Focus on business before technology
  3. A clear strategy of where the business is going and how it wants to operate
  4. Communication, communication, communication

Would you like to know what kind of ROI you’re currently getting? And what you could expect from a new AM system?

Yes, let’s talk ROI
Yes, let’s talk ROI

Help with Business Process Development and Optimization regardless of your software platform

Vesta can help review and improve your work practices – whether you use SAP as your EAM software or not. We often work with companies on their Enterprise Asset Management strategy before a final software decision has been made. A key part of this is an assessment of your current maintenance and reliability work processes.

The assessment reviews the current state of the maintenance organization and compares it to recognized “Best Practices”. During this process, the “as-is” condition for the current maintenance and reliability organization is established by examining the following areas:

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Inventory and Purchasing
  • Maintenance Workflows
  • CMMS/EAM Utilization
  • Operations Involvement
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Reliability Practices, including RCM
  • Total Productive Maintenance
  • Financial Optimization
  • Continuous Improvement Activities

The assessment helps to determine business requirements for a change. This is the primary driver for any initiative. Unless the initiative is tied to improving the overall competitive position of a company, it will not be successful.

Do you want to clarify your AM processes to look for areas to optimize?

Yes, let’s talk Optimization
Yes, let’s talk Optimization