Unique services to address your industry’s unique issues.

Industry Services

No two industries are alike. Each industry has specific challenges and business processes that drive your business. And that must be addressed to achieve your desired outcomes. We have deep domain experience in asset intensive industries solving specific industry issues. The kinds of problems you’re currently experiencing. We will also meet your unique business requirements.

We’re focused on the following industries:

We help CPG companies be more customer focused.

The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry may be facing its greatest challenges yet.

Factors impacting CPG companies:CPG

  • Globalization
  • Escalating costs
  • Changing customer preferences
  • Regulatory requirements/tightening legislation

Opportunities with Integrated Systems

  • Better decision-making
  • Improved Organizational responsiveness
  • Greater operational visibility
  • More effective internal and external collaboration

This can be difficult to achieve in an environment of non-integrated systems that impede visibility and produce inefficiencies. Vesta is focused on helping the CPG industry with these challenges and has extensive experience helping customers to implement and optimize their SAP EAM Solution.

With SAP Enterprise Asset Management as the foundation, Vesta can help to create a solution architecture that addresses these challenges. With industry-specific processes, best practices, and technology, SAP for Consumer Products serves as a business process platform, enabling innovation of your core business processes.

A unique industry like Energy & Utilities requires unique services and solutions.

Are you experiencing these Issues?Energy and Utilities

  • Aging infrastructure
  • A retiring workforce
  • Economic and political forces.

Efficiently tracking, managing and optimizing assets is critical to effectively deal with these challenges. Additionally, a comprehensive asset and work management system is essential to supporting the management of critical assets.

Due to the unique challenges facing Utilities the system to support assets is usually multiple solutions including:

  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Fixed Assets
  • PCS
  • GIS

How should they all work together? What information should be shared?

Vesta is focused on helping Utilities put together the Asset System Puzzle. With SAP Enterprise Asset Management as the foundation, Vesta can help to create a solution architecture that allows utilities to address asset challenges.

Download additional Energy & Utilities Asset Management information here.

Services optimized for Facilities businesses.

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 2.52.01 PMWhether responsible for a hotel, hospital, office complex or other facility, the maintenance challenges can be complex.

Benefits of operating at peak condition

  • Lowers utility costs
  • Increases occupant satisfaction
  • Extends facility life

Issues facing facilities management:

  • Aging infrastructure
  • Dwindling skills
  • Environmental, and economic force
  • Unclear how to apply best maintenance practices
  • Maintain assets in a cost efficient manner

Vesta has experience in the facilities maintenance management space. Vesta uses best maintenance practices along with SAP Enterprise Asset Management. The result is a solution that enables Facilities companies to successfully navigate various maintenance management issues.

Targeted services to help Life Science companies become more vital.

LifeSciencesVesta Partners has a long history of helping companies meet both regulatory and business needs. We accomplish this through the implementation of SAP EAM and adoption of our Asset Management Framework (AMF) best practices.

How can we help pharma, biotech and medical device companies:

  • Meet rigorous compliance requirements
  • Work management
  • Master data management
  • Calibration and configuration management
  • And more…

We are intimately familiar with the additional rigors that accompany validated software solutions. This includes supporting good clinical, laboratory and manufacturing guidelines (GxP). Addressing regulations such as 21 CFR Part 11 for the management of electronic records (e.g. audit trails, electronic signatures).

Vesta understands the significant impact that validation has on the scope and timeline of an SAP EAM implementation project, including:

  • Validation protocols
  • Requirements tracking
  • Custom development
  • Data conversion
  • Training
  • Testing

Our focus on the Life Sciences industry is further illustrated by the investment and development of Vesta QMC. This is a calibration solution that reduces inherent complexities and offers additional flexible functionalities to create a seamless process for the maintenance organization.

Mining is like no other business. That’s why our services and solutions are unique to Mining.

MiningCommon Mining Issues

  • High degree of unique or customized equipment
  • Equipment requires specific technical knowledge when maintaining
  • Compliance to regulatory requirements
  • Effectively address safety and risk into the business processes
  • Retiring workforce
  • Outsourced elements of workforce
  • Non-integrated systems configurations
  • Underlying data structures do not allow for “like for like” items to be identified

Key Strategies:

  • Shift out of reactive mode to optimize maintenance costs
  • Deployment of preventative and predictive maintenance strategies
  • Intelligence Master Data Design to deliver process efficiencies, optimize resources and aid knowledge transfer

Key Strategies above + Disciplined Processes + KPI’s unique to Mining + Robust Data Governance = Resilience to Fluctuation

When complimented with strong analytical capability informed business decisions can be made to support the business direction. An effective Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution is used as the foundation for management and improvement of company assets through operation, maintenance, renewal and disposal as well as any acquisitions.

We meet the needs of the most asset intensive industry: Oil and Gas

Oil and GasCommon Issues for Oil & Gas Companies:

  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Safety and Risk related issues
  • Environmental Issues
  • Need for Standardization
  • Aging infrastructure
  • Retiring workforce
  • Economic and political forces
  • Avoiding financial risk

The global nature of the business demands on ongoing drive towards standardization and improvement in performance in the areas of reliability, cost, sustainability, safety or environmental impact perspective.

SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is the core foundational solution used to manage and optimize company assets and with complete financial, human resource and logistics integration SAP provides the cross function information capture necessary to drive ongoing performance improvement.

Core tools enhanced with connections to:

  • Data Historian
  • MES systems
  • Mobile devices

Extending the Value of SAP EAM with:

  • Strategy
  • Optimization
  • Technical services
  • Linear Asset Management
  • Knowledge of 3rd Party SAP ecosystem products

Vesta can help companies successfully navigate the complex business and system solutions landscape and create value added solutions.

Transportation. Unique services to address your industry’s unique issues.

Common issues for Transportation Industry

  • Manage continuous assets with dynamic segmentation
  • Automate asset lifecycle management in complex operational environments
  • Better localization events on the infrastructure network (including maintenance).
  • Evaluate operational status more accurately
  • Reduce costs and enable proactive maintenance planning
  • Address health, safety, security and environmental concerns
  • Need for continuous operation of linear assets
  • Downtime can impact other parts the supply chain

Transportation industries that utilize an SAP ERP framework have long realized the benefits of an integrated solution. It helps you manage both linear and rolling stock assets. Vesta is focused on helping the transportation put together their fixed asset and rolling stock assets together in an integrated maintenance system.

With SAP Enterprise Asset Management as the foundation, Vesta can help to create a solution architecture that allows transportation industries to consolidate asset master data and maximize efficiency of networks and rolling stock traversing those networks.

How we can help:

  • Consulting services tailored to the Transportation Industry
  • Specific need in Enterprise Asset Management
  • Linear Network Construction
  • Project Systems Integration for Fixed Asset (linear and point)
  • Project Systems Integration for Rolling Stock lines of business