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Innovation Services

Vesta has a highly skilled team in Design Thinking and Agile Delivery Methodology to leverage the SAP Leonardo platform to quickly enhance existing products and solutions or build completely new applications.

Our services are focused on the following categories:

Join the IoT revolution by exploring the Connected Assets solutions.

Implementing IoT strategies for your business can be challenging. If you don't know where to start, we can help.

Help Me Find A Solution
Help Me Find A Solution

Turn data into more informed decision making through Big Data Analytics.

To keep up with the competition you must keep up with the ever-increasing flow of information.  SAP’s revolutionary S/4 Hana technology, helps turn data from different systems into better decisions. We ensure your company has appropriate analytics in place to run your business in this hyper-connected, big data world with real time data and reports.

  • Analyze Big Data and find Patterns that lead to business “insights”
  • Business insights are used to make the right asset management decision

If you are looking for more efficient and effective ways to analyze data, we can help.

Explore Big Data Analytics
Explore Big Data Analytics

Stay on top of your Assets Health with Augmented Reality (AR) and Wearable Technology.

Vesta created an Enterprise Wearable App solution that enable businesses to bring Google Glass into the workplace and improve efficiency, productivity, and safety.

Glass Rounds. Vesta’s Enterprise Wearable App is an Inspection Rounds Solution called Glass Rounds. This application allows technicians to record measurement readings from gauges and dials on equipment while leaving their hands free. The readings can be individual Measurement Points or a list of Measurement Points. The measurements entered will enforce upper and lower acceptable limits defined in SAP and allow the creation of maintenance notifications if a discrepancy is found. Glass Rounds enables technicians to collect valuable equipment performance information without distracting them from their operational tasks.

Check out the short demo of “Glass Rounds” below:

If your are interested in Augmented Reality (AR) solutions but don't know where to start, we can help.

Let's explore my options
Let's explore my options

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Years of experience with User Experience.

The customer user experience (UX) has set a new standard for enterprise applications.

User Experience (UX) is no longer an option for EAM. It's a necessity.

Discover UX Solutions for your Business
Discover UX Solutions for your Business

SAP EAM Mobility. Take SAP wherever you need it.


SAP is as mobile as your teams are. Which means that when they’re out in the field, their tools come with them.


  • Enable fast, better-informed decision-making
  • Streamline processes
  • Improve service levels
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Drive best practices and regulatory compliance
  • Collect better quality data

If you are exploring Mobility solutions for your business, we can help.

Find Answers to your Mobility Issues
Find Answers to your Mobility Issues

Integration. Getting your systems to work together.

Complete SAP EAM solutions include more than just the core SAP ERP software. Most SAP EAM customers depend on solutions from other vendors for important components of their asset management portfolio. These solutions provide capabilities that enhance and refine the robust solution set provided by SAP.

These solutions typically include:

  • geographical information about assets,
  • analysis and control of project and program costs and schedules.

Vesta’s experienced consultants have used their proven integration techniques and have completed projects using:

  • Ares
  • Safran
  • EPC
  • GE Smallworld

If you depend on solutions from various vendors for your asset management portfolio, we can help.

Explore Integration Possibilities
Explore Integration Possibilities

Operational Data Integrity. Providing access to data where it’s needed most.

SAP xMII provides a direct connection between shop-floor systems and business operations. It ensures that all data that affects manufacturing is visible in real time – including information about orders, materials, equipment status, costs, and product quality. With SAP xMII, you can reliably produce to target, with cost reductions and quality improvements that are above industry average. You can also link your enterprise processes and master data to manufacturing processes to run your business based on a single version of the truth. This way, you have the visibility, responsiveness, and performance you need to succeed

Vesta has a team focused on helping our clients use this powerful composite application across manufacturing and maintenance operations. MII provides unique access to plant level data sources, which enables Vesta consultants to use their domain expertise in SAP and plant operations. In particular, it allows us to implement customer applications for process integration, manufacturing and maintenance intelligence.

Implement a direct connection between your shop-floor systems and business operations.

Explore SAP xMII
Explore SAP xMII

If there isn’t a solution for what you need, we’ll create one. Custom Development.

Our unique understanding of SAP EAM and the third party ecosystem means we know what is available from first and third parties. And what is not. When development is needed we can support both customers and software vendors in the following areas:

  • How to position and build your applications in the SAP ecosystem
  • Development of interface applications from 3rd party products to SAP
  • Obtaining an SAP certification for your products/development
  • Custom SAP development on old and new technologies

If you are missing functionality or have a list of development requests your IT team cannot support, Vesta can meet all of your custom development needs.

If you have an EAM software need and you’re unsure where (or if) it is available, contact us and we’ll help.

Help Me Find A Solution
Help Me Find A Solution

Quick. Simple. Fixed. That’s Delivered Service.

A Delivered Service is right for you if you want to quickly and efficiently implement a template based solution that accomplishes any of the following:

  • Improved maintenance planning through condition monitoring
  • Simplified end user experience accessing SAP EAM information
  • Maintenance KPIs & Asset Health Dashboards
  • Visibility to manufacturing operations information by maintenance organization
  • Greater use of SAP MII in maintenance operations
  • Determining Asset Health Index for critical equipment
  • Enable EAM UX with SAPUI5 applications
  • Gain insight into Design strategies and SAP UX best practices
  • Get landscape ready for further SAPUI5 development

Below are the specific Delivered Services that we offer.

  • Asset Condition Monitoring
  • Maintenance Performance Dashboard
  • Maintenance Activity Visibility & Execution
  • Asset Health Determination
  • EAM in SAPUI5