Why SAP for Enterprise Asset Management?

SAP EAM Services

More and more companies are turning to SAP for their EAM software needs.

Why SAP?
  • Proven asset management solution tested in manufacturing, oil and gas, utilities, rail and more
  • Provides a fully functional system for management of company assets
  • Offers game changing technology such as SAP S/4HANA, allowing you to analyze your business operations, using huge volumes of data, as business happens.
  • Tight integration of the SAP functions helps reduce integration costs
  • Continues to evolve as the business and technology needs of the marketplace evolve
Why choose Vesta to implement your maintenance solution in SAP?

We know Asset Management and we know SAP for EAM. Many implementation groups are strong in maintenance business practices OR they are strong in SAP implementations. Simply put, Vesta Partners offers you the complete package. All we do is Asset Management. We know SAP EAM from implementing software. However, we also have real-world experience from rolling up our sleeves and using the software.

Vesta is focused on implementing and supporting SAP for Enterprise Asset Management in the following areas:

SAP EAM. We can help wherever you are.

Vesta is a certified SAP Education Channel Partner (ECP).

Analytics Turn Data into more informed Decision-Making

To keep up with the competition you must keep up with the ever-increasing flow of information. Vesta’s Asset Management Framework  and SAP’s revolutionary S/4HANA technology, helps turn data from different systems into better decisions. We ensure that your company has appropriate analytics in place to run your business in this hyper-connected, big data world in real time with real time data and reports.

How we help gain Visibility and avoid Downtime
  • Identify Critical Equipment & Processes
  • Establish OEE Benchmarks and Financials
  • Develop proper KPI’s
  • Implement Reporting/ Communication for KPIs

SAP EAM Services Assessment. Find out if your system is running as efficiently as it could be.

SAP Real Estate Management. Helping your company build a real estate portfolio and align with the latest compliance standards.