Terry Wireman joins the 2015 Mainstream Conference as a keynote panelists

Terry L. Wireman, Senior Vice President of Strategic Development at Vesta Partners, will be one of three keynote panelists at this year’s Mainstream Conference taking place in Westminster, CO. For over two decades, Mr. Wireman has specialized in the improvement of maintenance management and reliability. He has authored fifteen books and numerous white papers, articles and blog posts related to maintenance management process and technology. During this interactive keynote panel, Wireman together with other experts will discuss Asset Management and the implementation of ISO 55000 as they examine the following questions:

  • Why does every organization define Asset Management differently?
  • What are the accepted definitions and what are the central tenants to Asset Management?
  • What is the delineation between Asset Management, Maintenance and Reliability?
  • What are standards and how are they applied?
  • What is the ISO 55000 standard?
  • What is the value of ISO 55000 and what are the differences between certification and compliance?
  • What are the implications of compliance and non-compliance and how can organizations best position themselves?

A short preview of what’s to come at the 2015 Mainstream Conference:

terry wiremanWhat is ISO 55000 and What’s in it for Me?  Every organization defines Asset Management differently. To some, it simply means maintenance departments that are tasked with ensuring asset health, and for others, it is a regimented set of best practices and processes they follow with specialized teams and skill sets. More so, other organizations are even incorporating the latest asset management standard, ISO 55000, into their asset management programs and exploring how this will empower their organizations to achieve optimal asset integrity.”

Stay tuned for more information from Terry Wireman and his thoughts on ISO 55000.