Vesta and SAP to Highlight Pipeline Integrity at Saudi Aramco Corporate Maintenance Forum

Pipeline integrity is a crucial part of the Oil and Gas industry. The goal is to have error, spill, and incident free operations for the sake of the public, employees, environment, and customers. Successful management of pipeline integrity can best be achieved through integrating data from enterprise asset management (EAM) processes to back office operational information.

SAP and Vesta Partners have partnered to create a Pipeline Integrity solution that provides that data integration and uses it to optimize pipeline maintenance. Vesta will be presenting on this solution at the 14th annual Saudi Aramco Corporate Maintenance Forum in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia on April 2-4.

How Pipeline Integrity Works

The SAP Pipeline Integrity solution is based on SAP S/4HANA and comes with a suite of preconfigured EAM, LAM, and GIS applications. These preconfigurations are enabled by Vesta EAM Codex, which incorporates many years of EAM implementation experience to find the best possible setup for certain scenarios. In this case, that scenario is Pipeline Integrity.

The suite of SAP products will enable a clear view of schedule risk via an automated solution integration. This will have positive impacts on planning and scheduling of maintenance, as well as optimized use of resources.

Vesta SAP Pipeline Integrity

Pipeline Integrity also enables field operations by focusing on their roles and responsibilities. Employees in the field will see an intuitive user experience in SAP Work Manager or SAP Asset Manager that operates on any device with both online and offline capabilities.

Finally, Pipeline Integrity comes with a range of analytical tools to support the best decision-making. Analytics allows that integrated set of data across the business to become a resource in improving asset performance and maintenance. SAP Digital Twin functionality allows you to use data to build a digital version of the pipeline asset, capturing all relevant information and presenting in a single place.

Getting Started Quickly

Vesta and SAP have built a six-week program to assess and align recommendations for your pipeline project. In this, we will examine strategic objectives, current processes, current architecture, and your operating model.After that assessment, we will help you locate quick win opportunities, identify process opportunities, create a target architecture, choose implementation approaches, build a road map, and put together a business case.

The Saudi Aramco Corporate Maintenance Forum is not an open event, limited to the organization and its entities. However, this will be an opportunity for Pipeline Integrity to be put in front of customers and receive real customer feedback. You’ll be sure to see more from this solution in the Middle East region going forward.

Contact Vesta to find out how you can better manage your pipeline integrity, and for all other EAM needs.

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