Vesta is a Gold Sponsor at SAP Innovation Day

This year is the Fourth Annual Oklahoma City Innovation Day, taking place on July 28, 2015, at the Devon Energy Center. Innovation Day offers insight on preparing your business for the future. Top businesses are now using SAP’s Run Simple methodology. To achieve this, organizations are leveraging the latest software, enabling them to streamline operations, overcome complexity, and increase revenue.

Vesta Partners, a Gold Sponsor of the event, will be participating in a Breakout Session at this year’s Innovation Day. Martin Stenzig, President, NA will speaking at Breakout Session 3: Effectively Managing CAPEX/OPEX Processes using SAP Capital Project Management Solutions. SAP, Safran, Harddollar and Vesta will show the integrated tool set to plan and execute capital projects effectively. The scenario show will run through the whole project life cycle of planning, estimating and executing a project. Stop by Session 3 to learn more about the SAP Certified Safran Integrator.

Get a fresh perspective from SAP’s network of experts on how innovations are transforming business – today and in the future. Connect with Vesta, an SAP Partner, to explore ways to enhance your SAP software. Contact Scott Phifer, Regional VP of Sales to setup a time to meet while at the event. Scott can be reached at (770) 268-1191 or email

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