WEBINAR: Getting the Most out of Calibration in SAP with Vesta QMC

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Webinar Details:

Vesta QMC eliminates the repetitive steps of creating Master Inspection Characteristics and task lists required for calibration within your SAP platform. Instead, the solution introduces a new Master Data object called “Data Sheets”. Data Sheets can be assigned to single or multiple equipment in need of calibration, defining which sequence of readings are to be taken in addition to their Plausibility, Adjustment and Process limits.

Vesta QMC also allows for the capturing of which Standards were used during results recording, and the ability to audit this data through a traceability report provided with the solution.

Key Takeaways:

  • QMC streamlines the calibration process in SAP QM/PM
  • Audit log available for Standards used during results recording
  • Generate input/output requirements based on Linear calculations
  • Calibration Certificate available for each Inspection lot clearly outlining the readings and conditions during calibration
  • Guardbanding capabilities supported

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About the Host:

Peter Mobert
Peter MobertDirector, Software Products
Mr. Mobert is Director of Software Products and is responsible for leading the software development team at Vesta. The software development team delivers software products that integrate with, and facilitate the use of, SAP EAM related activities. He has been working in software development and consulting since 2001 with expertise in systems integration, user experience, user interfaces, mobility and the cloud.